Real Zone Gaming is a multi-platform gaming community that provides a friendly and competitive gaming experience for its members. We aspire to be and well known as a professional organization around the world. We participate in online and LAN tournaments and show our skills online and public matches. From casual gamers who play almost anything to hard-core pros who want a rigorous training schedule as part of a team. Both extremes, and everywhere in between,

How we began

Real Zone Gaming founded by Nicolai "Fox" Jensen and Andreas "Hardball" Møller in early 2012. We started playing with a couple of friends who started a team for serious players in Counter-Strike: Source. 
And interest be quietly bigger and more chosen to join Real Zone Gaming after which we will be more stable and more organized. And after six months left Andreas "Hardball" Møller us forto focus more on school.
After dat chosen Nicolai "Fox" Jensen decided to resign from player scenern and become Chief Executive Officer where his intention was to create an ambitious and focused organization which was primarily focused on many of the known eSport games as starcraft ll, Dota ll, Counter-Strike, League of legends. There is also focus on having a staff who have the same passion for eSport and the gaming world

Our vision 

We want to help gamer’s make their dreams come true.  We supply team’s that we pick up with funding to attend the event and to represent us in major gaming tournaments. From local lan, to online events. We not only want to be a known organization in the Counter-Strike community but we also plan to expand to various other game titles threw time.


  • Our mission is to create a stable Esport organization that is going to have Headquarters in Denmark
  • We aim to create teams of players and staff who have the same passion in e-sports and health.
  • We will work closely with our partners/sponsors we make sure to spread their brands and products.
  • Finding the most stable and dedicated player available


Are you looking for a role in eSports? Real Zone Gaming could be the place for you. We are looking for like minded individuals who are passionate about eSports, Gaming and building a sustainable platform in order for our teams to be successful. If you feel you have the necessary qualifications then check out our current open roles below:

Available positions in Management:

- Stream Manager
- Sponsor Manager
- CS:GO Manager
- LoL Manager
- Dota 2 Manager
- Hots Manager
- Rainbow six Manager
- Client & Public Relations
- Community Manager

Available positions in Staff:

- Writers
- Streamers
- Content Creators
- Graphic Designers
- Starcraft Coach
- Rainbow six Coach

And much more...


- 18+
- Mature personality
- Good English skills
- Have good knowledge of a certain (or multiple) gaming scenes that you will be covering
- Active & motivated people who enjoy esports / gaming

All content must be written in English so good English skills are a must. Experience is definitely a bonus although we do accept applicants without writing experience, please do include some sample work in your application if this is the case.

If you think you have what it takes then please email contact@realzonegaming.com In your application, introduce yourself and attach or link your previous work if any.

We are not looking for any paid staff/manager currently.