Welcome back home GipsyDanger!

Fri 28th Apr 2017 - 12:26pm : StarCraft

We are really pleased to announce that GipsyDanger is back home 

GipsyDanger joine us back in May 2015 where he was diamond ranked, where he starts to training with our starcraft manager Rebellion which help him build up his skills. where he spent most of his time building up his skills, learning new tactics and combos he improved as time went by and ended up winning kruseLAN November 10, 2015. where he came home happy with his first lan won. After a few days after Kruselan he ranked up to Master 1 and it's was his first time master rank in Legacy of the Void.

Gipsy training has been slow and steady so it fits into his lifestyles with his school and basketball as the team he plays on was getting ready for the Denmark championships (DM) And they won championship. So we choose not to squeeze him too much about his training but enough for him to improve his skills for NPF 2016 October 15, where he participated in the starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void tournament and he then up in an 8th place where he plays against some good players like LilleKanin, SpaceMarine etc.


Weeks after the NPF, Gipsy chose to leave us to try new highs and opportunities it was a sad day for Real Zone Gaming to say goodbye to a dedicated player like Gipsy. As we have follow him through ups and downs throughout time he has been with us in the 2 wonderful years he was with us.

But we are really pleased and proudly to announce GipsyDanger is back with us now and we are looking forward to a long time together again with plenty of good times, happiness and progress

Here are some words from Gipsy:

First of all, I am very grateful that RZG takes me on their roster again since I left them last year. To me it was an experience that got one thing settled. RZG is one of the only semi-pro teams the actually spending time on each player and making the most of their needs. So I had to ask for pardon and hope for RZG took me back. ;)I'm very excited about cooperation and can guarantee for a lot of good moments!

In the future I just have to finished 3.G, which ends in a month and then there is free space to play again :)  It will be nice to be back!

Welcome home Gipsy!!



Nicolai Jensen