StarCraft: Remastered Feature Preview: Hotkeys

Sun 21st May 2017 - 9:07pm : StarCraft

Feature Preview: Hotkeys

| Blizzard Entertainment

The first implementation of Hotkeys in StarCraft: Remastered during the early 1.18 Public Test Realm (PTR) drew a lot of great feedback and discussion. The Classic Games team took your input to heart, and today we’re excited to unveil the version of Hotkeys you can expect when StarCraft: Remastered comes out this summer.

We paid particular attention to making change-mapping feel more intuitive—no one seemed to enjoy watching streamers spend 30 minutes scrolling through a list of every command in the game.

To preserve competitive balance, F keys and Control Groups will still not be remappable, but we’re happy to report that there will be an option to disable the F1 “Help” menu, ameliorating the need to remove that button from keyboards.

The Classic Games team isn’t done listening! Head over to the StarCraft: Remastered forums to share your thoughts and feedback:

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