StarCraft: Remastered Feature Preview: Leaderboard

Sun 11th Jun 2017 - 12:00pm : StarCraft

Feature Preview: Leaderboard

| Blizzard Entertainment

It’s not just StarCraft’s graphics that are receiving an overhaul this summer—StarCraft: Remastered will also add modern matchmaking and ladder functionality, including a Leaderboard! StarCraft: Remastered will launch with Leaderboards between Friends, and expand all the way up to global standings as we hone our matchmaker.

View the top of the Leaderboard, or search for a specific player by Profile Name or BattleTag.

Meet new friends around your rank, and view their Online/Offline status directly from the Leaderboard list.

Right click on any player’s name to view their profile, whisper them directly, or add them as a friend. Not comfortable with others viewing your profile? Simply disable discoverability from your in-game Profile page.

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